Find out how hundreds of small and medium enterprise businesses have gone paperless

When you’re tired of losing data because of poor filing, hardware failures, or email overwhelm, you need a system that keeps every document in its place

PaperTrail is a powerful electronic document management system that supports and organizes your critical business processes

PaperTrail takes the headache out of finding a home for all of your documents…
But that’s just the beginning! It also:

  • Captures scanned documents ­ making PDFs fully searchable
  • Manages group email with a fully featured email processing
  • Collects unlimited amounts of data in a variety of forms that can be quickly customized
  • Gives administrators total control over who can access what documents
  • Provides full access to all of your documents with iOS or Android devices
  • Lets you sign, seal, and deliver documents electronically
  • Integrates seamlessly with SharePoint, Office, Explorer, and MS Exchange

What makes PaperTrail the best document solution for your business?

It’s not just a solution. ­ It’s a team on your side

With PaperTrail, you not only get a fully customized solution to fit your exact business needs… you get a team of experts ready to advise you on how to improve your electronic document management workflows

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Your employees will wonder how they ever lived without it

Intuitive and user friendly,­ that’s how Papertrail has been designed...­ so even the least tech savvy person on your team will be up and running in hours, not days

Susan Pieterse

Operations Manager
Random House Struik

Papertrail significantly reduced the use of paper and printing in our office. Our service levels improved notably as we are now able to retrieve original documents at the click of a button, no more scurrying around in filing cabinets.

The service and support from the Papertrail team is remarkable. All our queries are efficiently and professionally resolved. I can make special mention of the technical support given to our older staff members resisting the change to our new paperless environment. They are now completely converted.

Miguel Faria-Leal

Manager - Drawing Office

Its searching and document viewing features are superb.

Also notable is the quick, friendly and efficient support offered by the PaperTrail technical and Account Management teams whenever their assistance is required.

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