Improved our business process

In 2016 our company objective was to improve our business processes and efficiencies in our Procurement and Creditors Departments as well as the ability to store documents electronically and at the same time reduce the amount of document filing, paper usage and printing.

Having done extensive research Egis’ PaperTrail was the solution we opted for. We have built up a good business relationship with them and find them to be always helpful, attentive and there when we need them, we do not hesitate to recommend them for their solutions and services.

Persistence and hard work over the weekend

I would just like to extend my gratitude towards Papertrail for their persistence and hard work over the weekend. Everything went well and our users are working on the new system without any issues. You really went the extra mile.

You’ve provided us with excellent service

I really thought it was an impossible task, and I’m really glad of the outcome, Just want to take the time to thank you once again, you have really been a great help and been patient with us during the entire Kofax project, and you’ve provided us with excellent service