Custom Document Management and Workflow Development

At PaperTrail we strive to combine our expertise and create an optimised solution for our custom customers.

We digitise your business process, and don’t require you to adapt to a fixed workflow. In doing so we build custom software fit precisely to improve the efficacy of your business. Papertrail streamlines the communications channel from customer to your company but at the same time, provides structured and maintained internal operations via the platform.

Papertrail allows for the streamlining of communications internally (as well as with customers) through custom notifications, as well as reminders and escalations to manage time sensitive actions within the process.

You always receive customised pricing based on your exact requirements & budget, with tailored software fitting you optimal business process. Papertrail introduces process improvements, transparency and efficiencies digitizing your current processes.

Core features

  • Storage and retrieval
  • Custom User Interface
  • Routing and Approvals
  • Custom Workflow
  • eForms and eSign 
  • OCR
  • Mobile App
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • API- the ability to use papertrail functions from within your software environment
  • Payment Processing
  • Records Management

We bring together our capabilities to allow the perfect solution for your business, and optimize steps in cooperation with you.

Use cases

Manufacturing Software Process

Specialised Approval and Quality questionnaire for each stage of the production process, full audit history and compliance/quality control and risk management built in for every step. Transparency and competence dashboards and reports. Provides complete solution for full manufacturing process at any scale.

The manufacturing software process includes document control workflows for the access and distribution of manufacturing policies, work instructions, training guides, etc. This manages the version control of the key documentation used within the manufacturing process and aids the quality assurance processes therein.


Import or create delivery notes into PaperTrail, allocate the driver and date. Driver, on mobile device allows recipient to sign (and comment), driver signs, auto-invoice and close. Improves processing time, and closes deals at a fraction of the time and cost.

Pharmacy Medical System

Digital Prescription service for doctors to route the original document to the pharmacy confirming to regulations. Using PKI digital signatures and advanced encryption. Provides host effective, high security medical solution.


Custom mobile app providing the scheduling and interaction of customers with service providers, including providing availability, booking, payment, approval and signoff. Allows seamless flow of business process without human intervention.

Food Production

Manufacturing workflow, custom UI and recall workflow and signoff. Saves hundreds of hours and dollars in timely recall response and reaction. Allows transparency and intervention in the process, provides peace of mind, compliance and cost savings.

Food Safety Control Certificates: Centralization of all certificates and automatic monitoring of expiry in which case notifying the relevant party.

Save time with quick and easy access to all of your data

Search, retrieve, and send documents without ever touching a piece of paper.

Save time with quick and easy access to all of your data.

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“Improve your workflows route your documents to the right people at the right time”

Route your documents to the right people at the right time.

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Get all the set up, training, maintenance, and ongoing support your employees need to get their jobs done.

Be up and running with out of the box technology. Get all the set up, training, maintenance, and ongoing support your employees need to get their jobs done.

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