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  • Digitisation, Digitalisation and Digital Transformation

    We live in the era of technology where new business sectors are being formed and where new catchphrases are being thrown around are digitisation, digitalisation, and digital transformation. It’s no wonder that there would be confusion differentiating between these similar-sounding terms. The digital age has altered the way we work and play. These ongoing developments keep our team busy, as PaperTrail continually work at developing new ways to help businesses redefine themselves for the new digital era.

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  • The Impact of eDMS on Business?

    It takes a lot to run a business successfully. Business owners need to remain focused on their goals, while making sure that all the moving parts of the business are working in sync together. Often, the thought of document management is not a priority in a business until an issue arises. Document management can help your business run smoothly from the very beginning. The good news is that it is never too late to implement document management within your company.

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  • Document Workflow and Routing within organisations

    There are many elements that contribute to a successful organisation. When thinking about the makeup of a company, one might not realise the importance of a holistic, seamless document and data management system. The gathering, changing routing and approvals of this unstructured information can be found in most organisations of any avenue and size, whether it be a quote, an invoice, a purchase order, a contract, reports and so on. A company would need to process and store these documents in a seamless manner, allowing for action to be taken with them, such as adding an e-signature or providing general feedback and approval.PaperTrail is a standalone service, making automated and educated decisions about your documents so that you don’t have to.

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  • PaperTrail In Forex

    We don’t often stop to think about the way in which Foreign Exchange impacts our day to day lives.  

    Forex impacts the lives of consumers, and contributors to the local economy in a much more acute manner than simply thinking about the exchange rate. Whether it is purchasing imported coffee, or vacationing abroad, buying Egyptian cotton sheets or reading about a huge cash injection from one country to another, forex impacts our lives on a daily basis. In order for funds and goods to enter or exit a country a Foreign Exchange processes needs to be followed. And as such, these processes are finely tuned, governed and closely monitored.

    Over the years, PaperTrail has been at the forefront in facilitating these processes within the Banking sector.

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  • Improving Document and Data Processing between Systems

    Through our sophisticated solution, PaperTrail provides a standalone electronic content management (ECM) system to support business-critical processes through the easy of online collaboration, flexibility and agility within the supply chain, ensuring cost and service benefits for our clients. Our system is built to allow easy flow of information and documents across various internal departments and external organisations, making it easy to collaborate with suppliers and/or vendors.

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  • The Importance of Backups

    Data backup is one of the most important aspects of IT but is often overlooked. By exploring insights about backup mechanisms and the risks associated with a nonexistent or inadequate backup strategy, we’ll discover more about backups specific to the PaperTrail application and the hosted cloud environment. PaperTrail’s document management system is essentially backed by a database which stores the users, permissions, node structure, document properties, and so on, and a file repository which houses the actual files on disk. PaperTrail caters for real-time replication via an integrated replication feature.

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  • PaperTrail Dashboards and their Value-Add

    PaperTrail Dashboards enables you to monitor and measure performance and metrics in real-time and on the go. You can visualise and analyse data that focus on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from across the organisation all through the PaperTrail dash boarding interface. This portal provides organisations the easy ability to gain valuable insight for quick and accurate decision making.  

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  •  Test, Test and Test Some More!

    One of the most important factors of a successful product or service is testing it, over and over again. The testing process is undoubtedly one of the most repetitive and rewarding processes to endure. At PaperTrail we pride ourselves on ensuring our product goes through intensive, regular evaluations and rigorous quality assurance to bring our clients an excellent, reliable and efficient service.

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  •  PaperTrail Electronic Signature Solutions & their Legality

    PaperTrail Electronic Signatures have become an increasingly important part of our overall EDMS Solutions. Two specific Electronic Signature Solutions are available to meet both a basic requirement for quickly signing single documents as well as an advanced solution catering for the ability to create Signature Parcels to be presented as a pack of documents to be signed.

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  •  Replication and DR Options

    In conjunction with a sound data backup strategy, options regarding Disaster Recovery restore processes must also be considered. 

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  •  Importance of Success and Account Management

    Account management has long been realised as a key influence to building long-term relationships with valued Customers. The importance of having a group outside of the Sales team that focuses on renewing, upselling, and cross selling cannot be underestimated.


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  • PaperTrail within the Travel Industry

    PaperTrail Software has assisted the Travel Industry over the last 20 years with standardizing business processes and procedures and trying to create a paperless environment where all the documents have an audit history.

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  • PaperTrail’s key focus

    PaperTrail’s key focus is on ensuring that clients attain the best possible benefits from investing in PaperTrail.

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