Sign Documents Online with Electronic Signatures

The Safe and Secure Way to Get Documents Signed and Delivered Online

Never worry about keeping track of your documents that need signatures

Send documents for signature signing online, anywhere, anytime.
Say goodbye to faxing, printing, and filing.
Get legally binding signatures without ever seeing a piece of paper.
Signatures compliant with the ECT Act and South African Common Law
Ideal for small and medium enterprise businesses

Sign in just 4 simple steps

Begin by Creating Parcel

Create Parcel will start the Sign Process providing the Initiator with 4 simple steps
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Step 1 - Adding Signatories

Add Signatories who need to Sign
The Mobile field should be used where you wish an OTP to be sent
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Step 2 - Select documents

Choose the documents you wish to add to the Parcel
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Step 3 - Place Signatures

Easily add Signature and any other field type to the desired place on the document.
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Clicking on the Place signatures image enters the PaperTrail Sign Design Mode.
From the left hand side panel drag the desired option onto the relevant place within the document.

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Drag Signature fields and any other field type onto the document.
Request Signatures to send the documents to the list of Signatories that need to Sign.
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Step 4 - Pending Signatories

The Parcel of documents has now been emailed to Signatories for signature.
The tick boxes display the current status of the Parcel ie Sent but not yet Signed ‘Actioned’ by the intended recipient.
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Signatories simply click on the Sign Button contained in the Signature Request email.
Specific Company branding can be applied to comply with Company specific Branding.
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The Orange Arrow guides the Signatory or Approver to all relevant fields that need to be completed.
There are also options to Reassign or to Reject the Signature Request.
Rejecting the Signature request requires the Signatory to provide a reason which is displayed within the Document Audit Trail.
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Signatory can use their preferred option for the look and feel of their Signature.
Default option is the Signatory full name, or Draw option caters for uploading a signature image or to draw a Signature in real time.
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The Signing process now requires the User to select ‘Agree to Terms & Conditions’ and then guides the User to the Sign button that completes the process.
Should the Parcel be sent to an External User who does not have access to the PaperTrail Sign, a convenient confirmation box allows the User to Save the document they have signed to their own machine.
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Step 4 - Completed Parcel signed by all Signatories

The Workflow at the top of the screen now displays the visual with all 4 Steps completed.
Clicking on the Document name will present the Signed document, together with the On Document Audit and the System generated History of all Actions during the Sign process.
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Viewing the Signed Parcels within PaperTrail Sign

Create Parcel and Add Signatories who need to Sign
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Viewing the Signed parcel On Document Audit

An On Document Audit is presented as the last page of the Signed document.
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Viewing the System History for the Signed parcel

The History displays a thorough Audit of all Actions performed on the Parcel during the Signing process.
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Menu Items - Finding Parcels

Finding Parcels is made easy by using the Filter Options or the built-in Quick Search
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Tags are also available to quickly associate any search string to a Parcel
The Document Name can also be easily changed to any desired wording.
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Menu Items - Templates

Use PaperTrail Sign Templates to easily add Signing capability to any Structured Document.
Templates can include any Custom Workflow as well as any level of Coding that may be required to meet any specific process requirement.
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Menu Items - My Work

PaperTrail Sign Users can easily see any email they may have missed in their mail that requires their Signature.
Never worry about missing a Parcel in your Mailbox that needs your Signature.
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Menu Items - Usage

PaperTrail Sign has a Dashboard presenting easy to understand charting which can also be Customised.
Dashboard specific data can be toggled on/off providing only the info you need to monitor.
For example only reporting on specific Users or Departments or Specific Parcel status, viz Pending Signature.
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PaperTrail Sign API

Integration to back-end systems is readily available using our PaerTrail Sign API.
A typical integration may look something like the below.
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Sign with your entire team no matter where they are

On the road, in the field or at the office, easily sign all of your documents from either your iOS or Android device.

What makes PaperTrail Sign solution different from the rest?

eSignatures capabilities can grow right along with your business. Whether you require ad-hoc documents to be signed or complete automated Signature processes using the PaperTrail API, our PaperTrail Sign is ready to meet any of your Signing needs.

With PaperTrail you’ll get a scalable solution for small to medium enterprise businesses that:
Provides all the functionality needed to safely and securely get online documents signed right out of the box.
Gives you access to a template library of eForms ­ so you can quickly and easily generate the documents you use on a daily basis.
Doesn’t require you to hire an outside team of systems integrators when you’re ready for custom development. Simply tell us what you need and we’ll handle the rest.

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