Document Management For Medical Professionals

PaperTrail medical solution is safe and POPI compliant

Patient medical files are easy generated on PaperTrail. Access to files is strictly controlled via extensive permissions and view privileges.Through the use of third party software, for example Acrobat, professional medical personnel can draw and hand write notes on each file. Each patient is created on the system with a unique patient number that is linked to all previous visits as well as account information. PaperTrail provides medical professionals with a complete overview of the patient history and profile. PaperTrail’s built in history module ensures that any document action is audited and stored with the life cycle of the document.

Many hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers continue to manage document-intensive activities like patient-care, billing, finance, and human resources using outdated systems, despite technology advancements in other fields. With Papertrail’s, quick, safe, and adaptable document management software, you can achieve time and cost savings while still improving patient care.

Forms, prescriptions, medical records, bills and test results are just a few of the paper documents that can quickly accumulate in a medical practice. Not only must you store these papers safely, but you also need to have access to them at all times. What else? In order to avoid legal repercussions, you must also abide by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and The National Health Act (Act No. 61 of 2003).

Digital Advantages  

Records management and workflow automation digitize paper documents and store them in a safe location for easy access. Any material that enters the operational side of a company, from staff records to invoices and legal documents, can be classified and routed to increase efficiency.

Create eforms with a public interface to easily gather patient information prior to visits

Digitize paper documents, emails, and other items for quick retrieval. Supplying the administrative personnel with the data they want to maintain the organization’s efficiency and automate accounts payable to promote financial health. All this cuts processing and waiting time, and allows refocusing on the medical side of the operations.

Use digital prescriptions automatically routing to patients and pharmacies, with highest level security. Select from a database of medicines and allow renewals in an intuitive easy interface.

You can create user groups to share documents with different teams as well as grant or restrict access rights for these groups, as well as allow external consultation as required.

Papertrail is mobile friendly for access from tablet, smartphone allowing home visits, as well as bedside care.

Calendar management as well as intuitive appointment booking from the patient side- including reminders and appointment confirmation.

Security and Compliance

Papertrail prevents unauthorised access to personal records and has built in policies to safeguard patient privacy. Automatically enforce timeframes for keeping financial data, employee files, patient records, and other records as well as their destruction according to legal requirements. Strictly adhere to HIPAA and The National Health Act (Act No. 61 of 2003). We Utilize cutting-edge encryption for data, documents, and online communication to combat cyberthreats.

Cost Savings

Many healthcare organizations have reevaluated the expenses of managing their IT systems in on-premises data centers as a result of the demand to lower operation overhead.

Cloud-based options like Papertrail offer a single platform for all file types, internal and external documentation. As well as tools that go above and beyond industry norms for processing of insurance information and receiving payments.

Unlike systems for keeping electronic medical records (EMRs), Papertrail offers Automated workflows, digital signatures and strict authorized access consolidating all processes into a single system. 


Save time with quick and easy access to all of your data

Search, retrieve, and send documents without ever touching a piece of paper.

Save time with quick and easy access to all of your data.

Get It Done With Us

“Improve your workflows route your documents to the right people at the right time”

Route your documents to the right people at the right time.

Be up and running with out of the box technology

Get all the set up, training, maintenance, and ongoing support your employees need to get their jobs done.

Be up and running with out of the box technology. Get all the set up, training, maintenance, and ongoing support your employees need to get their jobs done.

Losing data because of poor filing?

You need a system that keeps every document in its place.
PaperTrail is a powerful electronic document management system that
supports and organises your critical business processes.

Any Document Type




Storage and Manage




Powerful Enterprise Content Management

Spend less time managing paper and more time managing processes.
Automate business operations ensuring compliance and increase efficiency
Customisable workflows and powerful form capability
Allocate incoming correspondence to initiate business procedure
Collect critical data for customised reports and intelligent searching
Easily manage permission structures allowing limited access to sensitive information
IOS and Android compatibility
Electronically sign and send documents
Signature compliance in terms of both ECT Act and POPI
Tight integration to MS Office and Outlook
Customised third party system integration

Go paperless. Make the switch today.

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